Northern Brazil—Pernambuco, Paraiba, and Rio Grande do Norte. Working
in partnership with Associação Plantas do Nordeste (APNE), a
regional conservation and science organization, as well as five
universities in the region, IPCI is supporting research into the
conservation status, variability and cultivation of pernambuco.
Our partners have mapped the size and shape of Atlantic forest
fragments in all three states. They have also commenced a significant
pilot study of the status of wild pernambuco forests in the region
and the conditions necessary to replant pernambuco through
small-scale, community-based initiatives.

Preserving the genetic diversity of a species is critical to its long-term survival. In conjunction with the replanting initiative, and with
support from IPCI, Brazilian plant geneticists are studying the
genetic diversity of intact pernambuco populations, the effects of tree removal, and the differences between intact and disturbed populations.

Altogether, this project will result in a greater understanding
of pernambuco stocks in the region and the measures necessary
to replant and restore the species.